TV: The Apparition of the Queen of Help in Dechtice (Slovakia)

Dechtice Apparitions started in 1995 (duration of 16 years). The parish Dechtice is situated in the district of Trnava, western Slovakia . Our Lady has appeared to a group of local young people as the Queen of Help.
The public pilgrimage to Mount Boricky is held on first Sunday after first Friday of each month in Dechtice where seers pray with Our Lady of Help.
Apparations of Our Lady of Help in Dechtice are examined by ecclesiastical authority of Archbishop´s Office in Trnava (estabilished 28.10.1998). Since then the apparations are examined by the same ecclesiastical authority.
Almost from the beginning of apparations the monthly AVE magazine is issued by the same name Assotiation.
Contact: Združenie ( Assotiation) Ave, P.O. Box 91, Bratislava 814 99,
Dechtice seers:
This recording of first Sunday Lenten pilgrimage and apparation of Our Lady – The Queen of Help (3-rd of April 2011) is provided by Magnificat Slovakia Assotiation.