I am the Immaculate Purity.


Village Litmanova in Slovakia is at a distance of 11 kilometers from the town Stara Lubovna. Since the 5th August 1990 until the 6th August 1995 on the mountain Zvir, less than 3 kilometers from the village, Our Lady kept appearing to two young girls – Ivetka Korcakova and Katka Ceselkova. Ivetka (born 1978) was a visionary to whom Our Lady used to give her messages. Virgin Mary talked to her in her thoughts – by means of the inner spiritual voice. Katka (born 1977) comes from the family of eight children. During the apparitions from April 1991 she played the role of a witness. From this date she could see Our Lady, but she was not able to hear her. Apparitions took place in a hay-barn, in a small room (2,8 x 4 m). Before the apparition both girls prayed at first, then Holy Virgin usually came like from the fog and she would generally sit on a narrow wooden bench at the wall. During the apparition girls had fallen into the ecstasy. They paid no attention to the surroundings and with a gentle smile gazed at the apparition.

            Until the 24th February 1991 Virgin Mary used to appear to both girls for several times in a month, especially on Sundays and feast-days. From the 3rd March 1991 she always appeared on Sunday after the First Friday in the month. Apparitions on the mountain were accompanied by thousands pilgrims.

            About 100 meters from the hay-barn Holy Virgin blessed a well and she recommended to drink from this spring. According to testimonies of many witnesses and a local priest – father Zavacky, the whole row of miracle recoveries apparently occurred. These cases are recorded and investigated by the bishop committee.

            During the apparition, one priest took a camera with a flash, placed it in front of Ivetka`s eyes and pressed the trigger. Ivetka did not even blinked and after the apparition she could not remember such thing that would have happened. After the apparition, both girls announced their experiences to members of the committee who compared their statements and then Ivetka announced the message to people.

            At this place, however, namely spiritual recoveries occur.

            Bishop Mons. Jan Hirka formed an eight member committee of priests (representatives of Roman-Catholic and Greek Catholic rite) and doctors. Its chairman is vicar-general. Girls were checked by MUDr. L. Kvasnicka, psychiatrist for children (member of the committee):

            “According to the conclusion of my examination was that girls – visionaries are really mentally fit. During approximately 8-minutes long ecstasy was the pulse of one of them about 130 and the pulse of the other one was 123. They were in a stage of tension, their hands were  strongly close-knitted. I had tried to pull their fingers apart, but I could not do that. During the apparition their eyes were opened. Usually, if you pinch someone you can see on his mimic that it hurts. These, however, did not even winked.”


            “On the 5th August 1990 we had only one request for this beautiful Lady to go with us (from Zvir) down to the village as it was getting dark and we were afraid to go through the woods alone. Beautiful Lady complied with our request.”


            “She went approximately two steps behind us. I felt peace. Then, from the stream she started to draw away. When we reached the cross, Our Lady kneeled down in front and crossed herself.”

            On the 1st October 1990 Ivetka asked the Holy Lady if she would heel one of her small friends from the village. Virgin Mary told her:

            “Each disease is a consequence of some sin. Her parents cared more for material matters and from many viewpoints did not behave like Christians. Recovery of that child can be managed only by means of fervent prayers.”

            On the 2nd October 1990 Virgin Mary requested that people from the entire Slovakia would come to pray the holy rosary. Girls were again afraid to go alone home through the woods because it was already late and repeated the prayer to Our Lady: ”Mary, our Mother, hide us underneath your coat.” Mary honestly spread her coat and accompanied the group.

            On the 4th November 1990 Mary said to the girls to look into the faces of surrounding people and visually had shown them how she views them. When visionaries looked around they could see dirty faces which contrasted with the one which dazzled with the purity and which belonged to Virgin Mary.

            On the 11th November 1990 was with the permission of the bishop served the holy mass on the Zvir then. On that day, Virgin Mary said to Ivetka following message:

            “I cannot look at the sins of Slovakia. My children have too much of everything and that is why they do not respect my Son and Myself. My Son will let a disaster to come down on Slovakia, but if people will start fervently to pray the disaster will be postponed.”

            Some villagers had a dream and Ivetka`s mother was among them. In this dream they were informed about the rightness of the apparitions.

            On the 25th November 1990 a ceremony of consecration of the newly built cross took place. During the consecration, after the prayer of the rosary all present saw on the sun peculiar supernatural phenomena which reminded the sun miracle from Fatima: sun, which was possible to look into, was rotating, emitting concentrated circles in various colors of the rainbow, it was getting black and light again, it was shivering and changing its position. Ring of small “satellite” suns was created around the main sun. These phenomena were observed by 2000 to 3000 people, including the mayor Vislocky and the local priest, today`s vicar-general Jan Zavacky. Phenomena are recorded also by the cameras. They occurred on this place even later.

            Elena Subjak, department of the spiritual life, Slovak Television:

            “Apart from others it is interesting that when the rightness of Litmanova`s apparitions is discussed, peculiar phenomena on the sun are never mentioned. It happened twice and this phenomenon was observed by few thousands people. I was given descriptions by several people independently, among of which was also the mayor, local priest and children.” (Slovak diary, 14th November 1991)

            On the 2nd December 1990 Our Lady said:

            “To get healed from the physical and mental disease it is necessary to pray daily the whole rosary (15 tenths), to fast on Wednesday and Friday and to drink water from the spring of the Mountain.” (She added that not all ill will be recovered.)

            On the 8th December 1990 girls asked Virgin Mary how will people come to the Mountain if the snow and ice comes as the winters are very cold there. Our Lady replied:

            ”Do not worry about the snow or ice and come to Me. I had never hurt anyone so far, I had only helped.”

            On the 9th December 1990 Ivetka asked Virgin Mary if she could do some visible miracle for people to believe to apparitions. Our Lady got serious and said:

            “Miracle will come on time.”

            On the 23rd December 1990 Virgin Mary said:

            “Visible sign will come in a short time.”

            On the 25th December 1990:

            “I love everybody who pray the rosary, but also those who offend me. It is important to have many good deeds in God`s eyes.”

            On the 30th December 1990:

            “Manage the lockets to be made with my name, which I have told you, on the one side of the locket, but only the capital letters. Under the name should be my pure dazzling Heart and the white lily - sign of my purity. On the other side should be my picture with my Son in my arms. Lockets should be worn by people who feel the respect to Me and to my Son. One who will wear this locket, respect my purity and worship Me under the name Immaculate Purity he will always get my help if he will ask for it.”

            On the 20th January 1991 Virgin Mary said:

            “Catastrophe from the Persian Gulf is not the will of God because the World is under the control of the Devil for several years so far. If you, my children, will expect the disaster to happen, it will come. But if you will resist, decide and totally let yourself to be in God`s hands and if you will pray: “Let God`s will to happen!” – catastrophe will avoid you because I will come at the right time. I am your beloved mother and I advise my dear children in this time to have blessed things with you because the Devil will not have such power above you.”

            On the 3rd February 1991:

            “I will be always with you, but my presence will fell only those whose prayers come from pure heart and are sincere.”

            On the 17th February 1991:

            “I have to cry over you because you wander in the sin.”

            Somebody wanted girls to ask Virgin Mary about Turzovka. Mary replied:

            “I wish the church to be built at Turzovka.”

            On the 24th February 1991:

            “Prayer is a big weapon by means of which can be anything reached if it, however, comes from the pure and sincere heart. Some people see God to be a judge. It is not like that because he is good and merciful Father of the Heaven and Earth.”

            On the 7th April 1991 Holy Mother gave Ivetka a secret which is related to Slovakia.

            On the 7th July 1991:

            “If you are tempted realize that I am with always you and then pray: Immaculate Purity help me to keep the purity of my heart!”

            More than 100 thousand pilgrims gathered on the mountain Zvir on the 4th August 1991.

            On the 8th September 1991:

            “God`s visit is close already, thus search for love.”

            On the 3rd November 1991:

            “Learn to thank because My Son will not let me come here anymore. Thank to Heavenly Father for everything he is giving you.”

            On the 5th January 1992:

            “I pray for you so that you will be able better to listen to God, what he wants from you because he does not always want what a man wants.”

            On the 5th April 1992:

            “Thank for sacrum.”

            On the 5th July 1992:

            “Whoever thinks he possesses the gold on this earth, has nothing.”

            On the 8th November 1992:

            “Pray, please…You have no idea how this can help you. You have so little time!”

            On the 4th April 1993:

            “I beg you again, change your life, sacrifice it completely to God because that is the only way your life can become eternal. Oh, children, learn to say the following: Let Your holy will become everywhere and in everything because you are hiding eternal Peace.”

            On the 9th May 1993:

            “You have no idea how much sacrifice is needed for this world. Please, make sacrifices for others with love.”

            On the 6th June 1993:

            “Try more to speak to Father like with the Father and your words will be holy, your words will make miracles. Jesus wants to make miracles through you. He loves you and waits.”

            On the 4th July 1993:

            “Little souls, double your prayers and start really to fast. You do not even know how I need your prayers and fasting for converting those who went astray! Please, help Me!”

            On the 3rd October 1993:

            “Let the Holy Spirit enter your prayers! You do not even know how big compassion for your soul will bring the contemplation of the holy rosary secrets.”

            On the 6th February 1994:

            “Please, let Jesus calm you down. Your are filled with noise and unease of this world and you forget, at the same time, to be quiet and humble in front of God. That is why you do not feel what Jesus, hidden in a Holy Communion, wants to do within you. What the prayer wants to do inside of you.”

            On the 8th May 1994:

            “You talk a lot about God, but you do not live Him so much. You have not let your deeds, heart and words to get matured in the love yet. This world is sick because it is filled with filth and dirtiness. Do not want to yearn for what this world yearns.”

            On the 3rd July 1994:

            “Change your life! Listen to the voice of your Mother… Do not live as if you would not pay attention to the huge care which is given to each one of you. Do not live like those who can see, but who are still blind, like those who can hear, but who are still deaf.”

            On the 7th August 1994:

            “I love you as you are. Each of my sons and daughters should tell me: “Mother, now I want to change my life. I want to meet my Father and I trust you completely that you will help me in that.” This world will never make you happy.”

            On the 4th September 1994:

            “Say this: Father, help me to accept everyone like my brother and sister.”

            On the 4th December 1994:

            “Even if your closest friends would abandon you, I will be always with you.”

            On the 8th January 1995:

            “Please, give me all your problems and troubles because God is the only one who can save you from them. Pray this prayer: ”Oh God, I give you my entire past and I give you my whole future.  I thank you for today you have given me. And I thank you because You are with me and I can be happy because I know You will never abandon me.” Please, ask God to give you the compassion to understand this prayer. Thus, each day your heart will be filled with a simple childish joy.”

            On the 5th March 1995:

            “I ask only one thing of God. That is to leave his peace inside of you. This time is a thief of the peace. Please, say to God: I love and that is why I regret. I love and that is why I forgive. I love and that is my peace.”

            On the 7th May 1995:

            “Please, please, please, think over my words. Change your life and do it because of the love. Change people around you, but do it with love.”


Last apparition in Litmanova


            More than 100 thousand pilgrims came on Sunday, the 6th August 1995, on the fifth anniversary of Virgin Mary`s apparitions.

            After the apparition, Katka Ceselkova turned to the pilgrims with following words:

            “Our Lady was entire in the white clothes today. She did not have the crown, nor the rosary. She did not have shoes. She was very serious. I want to tell you that she remains here, on this mountain. And she will always help each one of you…”

            Ivetka Korcakova conveyed the last message of Virgin Mary:

            “Glory to Jesus Christ! Our Lady said today: My dear children! This apparition is the last one. I love you. And I thank to everybody for what have you done for me here. My beloved children! I wanted this to happen to wake you up from the dream of emptiness. For you to understand that you need to convert. For this period of time you need the converting! Please, please! I will remain on this mountain. Start to think over my messages! For this period of time, please, remain in my heart. You need to be more modest and cautious. Period that comes is already here. Remain then like children. Totally free for God. Please, think over my words! I love you and I wait for you in the heaven…”

Crying started on the mountain Zvir. Sky was beautifully azure.

After a while of tearful quiet Ivetka started:

“I want still something to tell you… When I stood here on first Sundays and when announcing the messages I felt sometimes like if these words would totally avoid us. That they do not enter our inside. So I begged a lot for the converting. At first the converting of myself and then the converting of all of you… although we have prayed here, and that is nice, but when we returned home our life remained the same. Virgin Mary wanted us to convert. She wanted us to change our lives. If she had come, means it is really serious. Not to scare us… If we will not look upon others and if we will be able to say: “God, convert me because I want not me to live, but Jesus inside of me,” then we will be able to convert our surroundings. Only if we start with ourselves. We cannot expect anybody to convert unless we start with ourselves… This apparition was very special for me because Virgin Mary said: Touch the leg that will destroy the snake.” So I did.” (Ivetka then kissed Virgin Mary`s leg).

(During the prayer of the holy rosary on the mountain Zvir, a hawk wheeled above the place of the apparition and had a caught snake in his pecker).

Katka expressed her feelings:

“I have experienced a lot during this vision, but I do not want to talk about it now. I do not feel for that. Perhaps the time will come and I will talk about it.”

Ivetka made later several more comments to the messages:

“Something will come what was never experienced by the world before and what will never happen again because we need purification. Virgin Mary comes and visualizes herself and gives you the messages, but you are not interested. Then she comes and cries. She cries the blood, but you are not touched by that. What do you think what else could wake you up? Everything that will come will be coming from God`s love as you are not able to convert when God asks you to do so…! And purification means that there will be no more indifferent people. I am either for God or against Him. There is nothing in between. Either – or. That is the purification. In this period a lot of bad and good people will die. And I do not say that to frighten you! But for you to keep the peace when the time comes. And she says that only because she can see what is coming.

I know that falsehood which will come will be such big that it will shake the strongest ones. Strongest ones! It will be the fraud that had never been experienced by this world so far. Because the Church needs purification. Do you understand? But if you stay with your Mother the falsehood cannot reach you. There will be many of those who will follow this falsehood.” (Ivetka announcing to pilgrims, Litmanova, 4th November 1995).

“We do not need to hear a lot about the future. But we know these times will be so hard that those who did not pray before, those will not have the strength to pray anymore. And when I do not pray, I do not have the hope. And when I am hopeless, I am a desperate man.” (Ivetka`s speech to pilgrims on the 6th January 1995 in Litmanova).

“Virgin Mary says to us: “Period in which you live is very serious.” And I think that each one of us can more or less feel that in his inside. Everyone can feel the inner fight and it is possible even in the smallest situations to decide either yes or no. Influence of the evil is really strong! God on the other hand, however, wants indeed to give us a lot of compassion. And as it intensifies so much we sure live on the turning point and in the time which is very critical.” (Ivetka in Litmanova on the 6th January 1995).

“And I beg you, pray for us to be able to meet here on the following month and during the hard times. Thank you!” (Ivetka in Litmanova on the 6th January 1995).

“Us, people, we have a fear for what should come… After all, people feel that something like that should come… This period is very serious. Really serious. It is not necessary to talk more for you to get converted. If people were not converted in the past when they could see dead coming out of their graves, if they could see the multiplication of the bread, healing of lepers, then I will not help you with converting if I would start talking about what should come. Because converting based on the fear lasts only for short period. People will get really converted if this would be done through the love.” (Ivetka for M ROSA, 11/97).

“Inside peace… What steals our peace – is always the sin… that we allowed the love to be hurt… nothing on this earth is worth of taking your inside peace away from you… first fruit of the true prayer is always the peace… Each act of our humility God awards with his peace. As for me, after each time I would had fallen or after something that had happened and I did not want that to happen, each time I had looked at God and I had to stand up again and walk. Then I could feel a very deep peace… Peace is a too valuable thing for connecting it with something outside. Peace does not depend on anything. It concerns my deepest desire… as far as I have the desire for God… God will then lead my outside steps. It is an intimacy between me and Him.

We can see a lot of evil in the world. We can feel, however, that something should come. Time will come when everyone has to decide either to go with God, or against Him… And this point should be reached by the entire mankind. If something like that happens it will be because people will have to decide. But it will be only from the pure mercy. At that time, everything what we may hide now will burst out then. I do not want to say it will be worse. I cannot imagine that. It will not be easy, but everyone who will pray, who will start now, who will like a child hide in Mary, that one will survive. Those who will be close to Mary will be just purified again. More and more. That is why this time will bring such saints like were never before.” ((Ivetka, Litmanova on the 6th December 1997).

Katka and Ivetka started to attend the secondary medical school in Presov. Katka finished the studies. After the last apparition in 1995 Ivetka went to the community Pro Deo et Fratribus – Family of the Virgin Mary the Co-Redeemer which focuses on the preparation and engagement of male and female missioners specialized namely for Russia. Katka got married in 1998 and has one daughter nowadays.

In Litmanova, Our Lady encourages solely for love, peace, reconciliation and the inside spiritual re-birth. During personal meeting especially with the visionary Ivetka it is almost shocking that this girl, physically only maturing, is able to express herself in the matters of spiritual mission of a man in the way which could be hardly chosen even by an intelligent and adult woman.

During the apparitions, no fraud had been discovered.


“Our Lady told me my life will be difficult and that I will bring big sacrifices, but She will never abandon me and She will help me with everything. God designed it in this way. And I can really feel Her.”


Statements and testimonies of priests


Father Jozef Muzila:

“Virgin Mary called me here through my friend Augustin. I have never experienced in my life what I could experience here. Anytime I am here and confess people. I can well remember the third anniversary of the apparition. On that day I had confessed people for 17 hours, through the whole night, even until 9:00 in the morning. Our Lady gave me the strength. Almost each of penitents left crying. It was their expression of joy.

When somebody kneels down after 30 years and unbossoms his soul, that is also a miracle. Please, come here too.”

Father Augustin Stohl:

“I strongly and unwaveringly believe in the apparitions of Our Lady on the mountain Zvir. I had personally attested everything on the place myself, as I know very well what has to be certified. Those apparitions are very strong and true.”

Recent vicar-general Jan Zavacky who was at the beginning of the apparitions on Zvir:

“It is already 7 years when two girls met Virgin Mary… Here, the heaven is present… Right on this mountain Our Lady said: ”I want you to come to pray on this mountain. Not only the spring is blessed by my presence, but the entire mountain.” (Litmanova, 3rd August 1997)

“During 5 years Mother of God regularly talked to girls and kept giving them the messages.” (Litmanova, 9th May 1999)

In the holy liturgy from the 14th April, vicar-general from Presov Jan Gajdos, reminded that it is necessary to turn to Virgin Mary who is invisibly present on the mountain Zvir.

Bishop vicar of the Greek Catholic eparchy in Presov, Peter Rusnak:

“Yes, we believe that God is in the heaven. That Virgin Mary made herself visible to two girls.” (In homily in Litmanova, 8th June 1997).

Bishop Mons. Pavel M. Hnilica:

“Holy Father asked me once what is the specifics of Litmanova, what is the content of the Litmanova`s message. I told him that Virgin Mary appeared here like an Immaculate Purity and I told him what that means.” (Litmanova, 3rd August 1997).

On the 3rd December 1995, Mons. Jan Hirka, residential bishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Presov, ascended in the snow the mountain in Litmanova. Accompanied by his vicar and secretary. Here he concelebrated the holy liturgy in Slovak language and he celebrated in an ancient Slovak language. He said to pilgrims:

“Brothers and sisters! I came here on the mountain in Litmanova to greet you as a local ordinary – bishop and to announce: “What happened here was nothing noxious against the faith, nor against the moral. Church should be, however, careful and that is the reason why it does not approve, nor rejects what is happening here. Our commission will continue to work on the Litmanova matter according to regulations of sacred Congregation for dogmatic matters and we will inform the Holy See about the results.”


Special Phenomena


Pilgrims on the mountain Zvir could see a lot of phenomena.

Michal Semancik, Spisske Podhradie:

“… extraordinary occasion which I could experience with Mr. and Mrs. Gadus from Spisske Podhradie and with Mr. and Mrs. Furman from Domanovice on the mountain Zvir in Litmanova. It happened in June 1992. When I approached the forest I still wanted to part with this special place. Suddenly, four women behind me looked into the bottles which they have filled with water. When I saw with the first one that inside is a burning candle I was gripped with wonder. Another woman had a burning cross in her bottle on which a torment could be seen. This woman turned the bottle, but the cross remained undamaged. Third woman had a Host in her bottle and the fourth one a golden chalice with artistic decorations. My neighbour pulled out her bottles with the water and the same had done their friend Mrs. Furmanova. In their bottles on the sun appeared the same pictures. I looked around if I could see somebody with a camera, but nobody was there.”

Etela Kolecansky, Spiska Nova Ves:

“It was on the 4th July 1992. After the rosary I have waited quietly for the message. Suddenly I looked up… Around the sun a ruby glare formed, changing into purple and the sun became a beautiful white Host. Around was a collar. Then the Host divided apart and the cross appeared on the sun, then the silhouette of Our lady, the heart and finally the crib. Ruby colour changed into the golden one and created the Monstrance without the stand. I said: Mother, I came here because you called us. I did not want to see anything, but thank you, thank you!”

Milena Papp, Kosice:

“I lived without God before, in a flippant way. I went to discos, my life was empty. This is the way how I fought against it: Each day I went for the holy liturgy, I prayed. Host became my medicine. I used to go also to see our Heavenly Mother, here into Litmanova. I was here in November 1994. During the apparition I was on my kneels and I could see the white clothes, surrounded by something blue, like a coat. When Ivetka and Katka talked then about how was Our Lady dressed, it was exactly as I saw.”




Provincial of the monastic order of st. Basil the Great – father Marian Potas in 1991 became the member of the investigative commission.:

“Our bishop commission also registers recoveries and records everything. We have the case of a lady who was disabled for 14 years, half-body paralyzed and she could not walk. Women brought her on the mountain once. She drank from the stream, prayed and walked down on her feet. She started to work immediately.

One boy had a leukemia, today he is a soldier. From the army doctor he was given the assessment that he is healthy. Such cases are several. Doctors, however, accept mysterious recoveries only with difficulties.

I do not suspect these girls from the fraud. Many people got converted here in Limanova already. Means, Virgin Mary chose this mountain and that is a fact. I believe in that.” (February, 1993 for M ROSA).

Viktoria Folvarcik, Nova Lubovna:

“From 1981 I had big pain in my back, joints, knees and I had permanent problems with the pressure. I was on six recovery stays in different places of our former republic. As I was older the pain intensified. No one doctor would give me the hope to become healed.

On the 25th March 1992 I woke up at 3:00 after the midnight when I heard the voice: “Today, you should go to Litmanova!” Before half past five I heard the voice again: “My child, today you should go to Litmanova!” I jumped out of the bed and realized that Virgin Mary talks to me… Mr. Rusnak from Litmanova opened a room for us where Our Lady used to appear. We prayed… From the mentioned day I have no problems with the health.”

Maria Majzel, Salt:

“In 1968 I had a brain stroke which cased me many problems. When I came here for the first time I touched the bench. I could see a big relief. And when I ran down the mountain I heard the voice which said to me to prove on public that I am cured, that I was recovered.”

Polish priests offered to the investigative commission documents – including medical records about the mysterious recovery of Stanislava Faron, a pilgrim from Stary Sacz. Stanislava suffered the breast cancer. She brought herself the water from the mountain Zvir in which she used to take a bath and she prayed to Immaculate Purity. After three months her doctor stated her total recovery. (Father Marian Potas marked this recovery as big compassion).

Tana Markovic, Presov:

“I had a dream in which my mother (dead) sat at the table and said to me: ”Tana, go to Litmanova, somebody is waiting for you.”

I knew people go to litmanova, but I did not know why they go there. Some strange power tugged me there. So I decided. We approached the mountain Zvir with a friend of mine. I did not know how to talk, how to make requests, what to say. Suddenly, a peculiar feeling and touch impregnated me. I know I said, like it was not me,: “Oh Jesus, You suffer so much for our sins!”

On the 23rd July 1996

“My 13-years old daughter fell down right on her head from the fifth floor. She was in the hospital unconscious, in an intensive care unit. On the third day she started to breath herself. I gave everything into God`s hands. I brought her the water from Litmanova, I washed her and I poured this water by a syringe into her mouth. On the day of Lord`s Conversion she recognized me for the first time. She had broken no one bone. Today she goes to sing into the ensemble Prosovcata. Today, she is alive and healthy, thanks to God and Mary. I know it was Mary`s merit because I asked her to become my mother and to care for us. I have to add that people have to go through the hell in order to taste the delight of the Heaven.”